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I’m a trans person from Arkansas and I approve this essay!

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No One is Trans. It is a False concept that began with fetish men over 100 years ago. Overtime this idea seeped into the psyche of society giving rise to adult women seeking out "transition" then boys began to claim that they were girls and underwent long term psychiatric therapy, but none were medicalized underage. Then girls followed suit. All of this was to affirm these castration fetishits adult men who felt the need to be validated. Had a desire to make their fetish seem legitimate so they could practice it in public forcing all of us to participate in their fetish.

You, along with the rest of society have been duped. You really need to pay attention to the women who have been researching this for years and have been trying to bring the truth to the fore. There is a psy-ops level propaganda that has been going on to hide the truth from getting out by wealthy powerful men who claim to be Tran$$exual$/Tran$gender$ for decades. Martin Rothblatt. The Pritzker family, one of which is a Trans Identified Male, from Illinois who Funded Barack Obama's campaign for president and several others. This propaganda also demands an exclusion of an alternate POV of what this is and what is really going on. The women who have been trying to warn us all have been demonized and Blacklisted for 50 + years.

I recommend Janice Raymond's The Transsexual Empire first published in 1979. Raymond examines the ethics behind the decision that medicalization is the only "treatment" for people who have a Body Dissociation from their natal sex. The book is out of print however, Raymond has a website under her name and you can read it there for free. Or inter-library loan which you can do at any public library.

Jennifer Bilek at the 11th Hour Blog. Jennifer has been following the money pushing Trans since 2013. There is an excellent interview that Megyn Kelly did recently with Bilek. No center or leftish news agencies will touch this subject unless it is an affirmation only POV. Only conservative media will give the alternate view airtime. Giving the impression that these women are far right extremists. Which they are Not. All of them are/were democrats left of center politically. That is until the democrats abandoned us for fetishits men. I cannot speak on this for these women, but this has certainly left me and many women politically homeless or driven some begrudgingly to the right. Thanks for screwing us over.

Case in point of media blackout on the truth of what effects Trans is having on women. A recent Trans Identified Male who was allowed into a Sorority at Wyoming University, Artemis Langford a 6'2" male who creeped on the women in the sorority while they were in all stages of undress sporting an erection. He is a voyeur, Not A Woman!!! Neither are you. 6 women from the sorority sued and lost. Unfortunately. He was given a quick interview by MSNBC a few weeks ago and the network NEVER mentioned that he was a creepy voyeur and sold the story as though the sorority women were just bigots who hated trans people. There is a complete blackout on leftists' women who do not want men colonizing womanhood. All the damage being done by men pretending to be women is having is Not being reported on.

Genevieve Gluck is a college educated researcher and investigative reporter. Gluck is the founder along with Anna Slatz of REDUXX.info. a news centered blog reporting on how Trans Identified Males are affecting girls and women worldwide. Look up Genevieve's work on WPATH and its founders connection to the eunuch files. Gluck's work on John Money and the man who designed the Trans Flag. Also, her work on the history of male transvestitism.

There's the Women's Declaration Internation, WDI YouTube channel and is a great resource featuring many women's interviews, talks and reports by women from around the world.

The women I mentioned above can be found on YouTube giving interviews. With possibly the exception of Janice Raymond. She has given interviews but I'm not sure if any of them are on YT.

I could give you several other women's info but this is the best and a good start.

And one more thing, STOP!!! masquerading as a woman. STOP!!! colonizing womanhood it is the least you can do, womanhood doesn't belong to you. It belongs to women and women only. DUH!!!

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HI Marci, you may find this highly intriguing...


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The statements by turban and others were incorrect - it was surreal they could just do that!

Here's one fact check, https://medium.com/@JLCederblom/the-lukewarm-perjury-of-jack-turban-a85903109051

And of course the whole affirmative model doesn't seem to have that pesky evidence behind it as the president of the endocrine society was just reminded in an open WSJ letter by international experts!

I'd love to see your analysis as I'm not a lawyer, just a horrified onlooker.

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Further, Dr. Stephen B. Levine is hardly Orthodox in his religion, if he is even observant. I assume the comment about his supposed "religious beliefs" comes from the fact that his last name is identifiably Jewish. I've watched every testimony of his presented on youtube and read all of the expert witness testimonies, available in searches under his name and that topic. He's never, ever made a single biblical reference. It so happens that the biblical word, "abomination" fits well to the practices of demonstrating BDSM in front of children at parades and pretend masturbating in front of children at Drag Story Hours and cutting healthy sex organs off of minor human beings, in cultic castration rituals as well as rerouting the urinary tract in failure-prone surgeries just are. They just simply are abominations. Link to a read out of parts of the Stephen B. Levine testimonies:


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I look forward to reading more of this! I think the aclu will be trying this same case in other states too. Hopefully, they showed their cards in Arkansas and future cases will be better defended. I'm curious how the outlawyering can be equally matched though. Can a state hire outside counsel? Maybe some big lawfirm would take the state's side pro bono?

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and hopefully unyielding bicyclist will be called in to prep states' lawyers ahead of time. Fascinating read. thank you.

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This entire trainwreck should have ended when activists sought to implement sweeping medical policies without conducting peer-reviewed research to back it up. In medicine, whether we’re talking pharmaceuticals or devices or treatment protocols, the responsibility to prove the efficacy of a treatment rests squarely on the shoulders of the proponent of that treatment. Drugmakers cannot simply bring a drug to market and hope for the best: they must not only prove their drug is safe for its intended use, they must also prove the risk of harm is low. (No one disputed the efficacy of Fen Phen for weight loss — regulators took issue with the heightened risk of death, as they are wont to do.)

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A million thanks for doing this. It's astounding the degree to which well-heeled gays have totally bought into the trans ideology and become furious if contradicted.

I had read parts of the decision and sensed BS all around, but don't have the legal and technical knowledge to pin point much of it. Some, yes.

I was stunned by that decision.

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BROADview’s recent “David vs. Goliath” article was one of the most informative things I’ve read about the whole gender theory “craze”, and how it’s been codified into law so quickly.

When a particular lobby group has captured both the legal system and the politicians, we rush headlong into things that really ought to be better thought out.

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An organized legal response is needed. Some organization like Genspect needs to put this together, offering advice to red states fighting the transifiers litigation. Also to respond to all the horrific new blue state laws that take kids away from parents who do not "affirm". In short an ACLU that actually does the job that the ACLU should be doing, instead of the exact opposite.

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Off to a roaring start, this promises to be a fascinating series. Thank you.

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Lisa Selin Davis,

I cannot emphasize enough how important the women I list below are to understanding what the Trans Rights movement truly means for women and the safeguarding of children.

Kara Dansky, also a lawyer, who once worked for the ACLU, has followed the issue of Trans Rights effects on women, children and society at large for several years now and has written a book "The Abolition of Sex" which looks at case law and how it is having the effect of essentially usurping women's civil rights laws in the US. Kara gave this book to our lawmakers upon its release over a year ago. Kara is in the process of writing another book on this subject. Kara is the President of the US chapter of the Women's Declaration International and can be found giving interviews on this subject on YouTube. Women's Declaration International, WDI is also a YouTube channel where you can watch many women talking/discussing Radical Feminist books and thought and reports/talks from women around the world on how this international wave of Transsexual/Transgender rights is affecting women worldwide. The WDI YouTube channel is an excellent resource on this subject and has been active for several years with many backlogged videos to choose from.

Genevieve Gluck has been researching the people behind Transsexualism/Transgenderism for over 5 years now. Her research investigation of WPATH and other men who have contributed to promoting Trans Rights is excellent. She and Anna Slatz have co-founded a news blog site which gives daily news report on this issue and the effects it is having on women worldwide. REDUXX.info. Genevieve also has a Substack and podcast Women's Voices where she writes about her findings as well. And she can be found on YouTube discussing this issue with many different interviewees.

Jennifer Bilek has been investigating the money behind the rise of Transsexualism/ Transgenderism since 2013. Bilek is another excellent investigative reporter and her articles along with other contributors can be found on the 11th Hour Blog as well as her Substack. She can be found giving interviews on YouTube as well.

Sheila Jeffreys co-founder of Women's Declaration International is an academic women's history studies professor, historian and Radical Feminist she has written many Rad Fem books. She can be found on the WDI YouTube channel giving many talks about this subject as well as her life's work.

I highly recommend Janice Raymond's Classic and very much relevant book "The Transsexual Empire". It is out of print and Amazon wants literally hundreds of dollars for it and I can't find it for sale anywhere else. However, Raymond has a website where you can read it for free or you can get it through inter-library loan from any public library. Janice has also written a more recent book titled "Doublethink" which is about the language the Trans Activists have created in an effort to create confusion and distortion on this issue. Janice Raymond is a retired academic Radical Feminist and there are some interviews with her online.

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When I read this I get angry. I am not angry at trans individuals since through my attempt at making sense of this complex situation I have come across some very clever and lovely people who identify as trans. I am certainly not angry with the young vulnerable cohort dealing with gender distress as they are the victims of their time. The likes of Jack Turban, however...perhaps it is my own bias and my mind’s need for a scapegoat, but man, does he make my blood boil!

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“Clever and lovely” but mentally ill, and not necessarily harmless. Wearing a disguise is deception, pretending is lying. They are lying to themselves. How can you trust them?

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Will Arkansas appeal this? I hope so.

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Lisa, Will you be publishing the entire series?

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thanks for your scrutiny. these States would likely benefit from the assistance of gender critical people who are familiar with gender ideology and gender biz lies. if states arent familiar with the subject mater they should hire or obtain assistance from people who are. one could start with the premise that every gender biz and gender ideology stat, claim and slogan is a lie. each of their claims can be successfully countered by people who are familiar with gender biz arguements, most of which havent changed much in 20 years. gender biz arguements were wrong then and are wrong now. i guess Ark thought this would be a cake walk. heres hoping others have learned a valuable lesson. dont bring a knife to a gun fight. im also wondering if gop states really want to save kids or just want the issue to continue so they can politic against it. maybe the ark gov knew the judge who was appointed by a democrat (i think) was ideoligically capatured even prior to any proceedings.

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Excellent - thank you, UB, for this! Yikes. The gender critical side needs heavier hitters - here, in the legal arena, as elsewhere. Thank you for your analysis. Looking forward to the further installments.

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