UPDATE: I am inundated with amazing offers of help! And, hilariously, because I’m on deadline I don’t have time to answer until I turn in my manuscript on Monday night. So will get back to folks then. THANK YOU!

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I would think there would be many willing out there, much better suited to this task than myself. But if it doesn’t work out, let me know. I’ve been wanting to find a way to volunteer in the fight to end this madness!

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Lisa, you can set up a stored Google Search which automatically notifies you of material being posted according to search keywords, then you can use OpenAI to summarize the articles and construct links without much effort. I use stored Google Searches for a wide variety of keywords of interest. It’s very good. Don’t know if that helps, happy to show you click by click how to do this.

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How does that Open AI handle paywalled content?

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I subscribe, generally speaking, to read full articles. You simply pull articles and send up to 32K of content to OpenAI and ask for summary. Works like a charm.

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Sounds like that could run into serious money to subscribe to all of those sources. Though someone presumably has to do it -- GC News used to do it and even posted archive links where that was possible. And Reality's Last Stand more or less does likewise:


Rather than doing a "me too" sort of thing, kind of think Lisa would be further ahead to put her horse power behind things that may give more bang for the buck. For instance, she usefully broached an idea or two about a year ago that seems the crux of the matter:

Lisa: "Which brings me to my plea: Could each side stop escalating and instead come to the table so we can talk about what’s best for these gender dysphoric kids? .... But wait, there’s more. Each side politicizes the research. ... Political polarization has poisoned our ability to meaningfully help these children or speak rationally about gender."


However, the bottom line there -- so to speak -- is largely that (virtually) every last man, woman, and otherkin has entirely different if not antithetical definitions for both sex and gender. As both I -- in a comment in the above post -- and Colin Wright -- in a tweet -- have emphasized:



As Wright's tweet in particular emphasizes, many of the "Right" -- including some antediluvians on RLS ... -- seem to think "sex" and "gender" are synonymous, while many on the "Left" more credibly see them as entirely different kettles of fish.

A situation not particularly conducive to much in the way of social progress. Since Lisa has already broached an important point, I think she would be further ahead to pursue that than any "me too-ing". Might even throw a shekel or two into the pot to help out ... 🙂

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Yes, it seems that there are plenty of other people and sites that put together lists of current resources and news. I'd rather see Lisa focus on innovative ideas (though I don't doubt that she could manage to do both!).

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I’m inclined to agree with Ava, though as a number of volunteers have stepped up on the list idea, maybe no harm in trying it out. The amount of incoming is certainly overwhelming, and I am not sure what the best approach is to dealing with that. For myself, I am trying to scale down heavily on consumption of news and articles and instead focus on ways I can take actions that might move the needle, even if small (not easy either). As examples, here are things my household has done in recent days:

1) as part of my ongoing efforts to educate on a one-on-one basis, I shared with befuddled but supportive friends a Guardian article in which a young woman proclaimed the multiple ways there are to be trans. These friends immediately got, because this was so concrete an example, that the young woman is really talking about sex role stereotypes and her misbegotten efforts to escape them: https://www.theguardian.com/books/2023/may/22/i-dont-feel-like-i-was-born-into-the-wrong-body-theres-not-a-right-or-wrong-way-to-be-trans I followed up, in one case, with an explanation of what “transgender” is actually about--quite different from what he had thought.

2) I wrote all three members of my congressional delegation with regard to sex and gender identity in relation to Title IX. On receiving a response from one (Senator Schumer), I followed up with additional observations and information.

3) on learning our Lieutenant Governor, Antonio Delgado, whom I knew personally and worked hard to get into office when he was running for Congress, has been assigned to head a “hate crimes” task force that includes the alphabet soup “community,” I wrote to offer information related to problems in the framing and stressing the need to assure he had good information as he pursued his mission.

4) Much more important than my tiny efforts, my spouse is part of a group of retired heads of school who consult with private schools. She had an opportunity in a conference call to offer quite a few trenchant observations about the problems with DEI. Also, she recently had an opportunity to critique (at length) a DEI workshop in which she participated.

That said, Lisa surely knows best what she needs, and if this will aid in freeing up her to focus on in depth long form pieces on topics of critical importance, that would certainly be to the good.

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Susan: "... focus on ways I can take actions that might move the needle ..."

Good for you. 👍 🙂 As Edmund Burke put it, "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good [people] to do nothing":


My contribution along the same line and on the same topic was to submit a lengthy "objection" to some policies by Canada's Statistics Department which were seriously corrupted by transgender bafflegab. Link to Google Docs PDF in my post on "Statistics Departments Corrupted by Gender Ideology":


But the issue seems to boil down into a proverbial "battle for hearts and minds". Which is going to be won or lost in the trenches, in confronting people with what's happening under their noses.

Somewhat apropos of which, you might have some interest in a fairly thorough and quite cogent analysis of the issue by "Hippiesq" on "Homosexuality and Transgenderism Are Not the Same":


And in my comment and Note there:


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I said the same thing on a on other forum, that providing parents and troubled kids positive help is more productive than fighting people who refuse to listen and resort to endless ad-hominem attacks. The data are clear, the rate of trans/gay in the adult population is the same as with troubled kids, (95% being gay), hormonal and surgical therapies don’t appreciably change survival or quality of life in the long run. Our focus should be on love for the kids, and protection from trans activists and homophobic adults.

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I want to help, Lisa. I worry that I am not the best candidate for the job, though. So put me in the same bucket as Andrea D. Someone better might come forward with the time and expertise.

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This article is extremely good. It’s the kind of thing, as Lisa often notes, that should be in the New York Times--but instead you have to go across the pond to the London Times. I was too young to transition — now I want to help other teenagers


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