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Asexual Glory Holes? Discuss.

The Lou Perez Podcast with Lisa Selin Davis
Cross-post from The Lou Perez Newsletter
Sending this to you all because most of this interview includes joking with the hilarious Lou Perez, and we in the gender rabbit hole are desperate for some laughs. Putting some stuff together about gender madness in New York City and New York State. Send me your thoughts, worries, successes! x/L -

How do you build a cabin through a neo-Marxist lens?

What the hell is “experimental feminist video”?

Have you seen the balls on Neil deGrasse Tyson?

I had a lot of fun talking about these mysteries and many more with author


The Lou Perez Newsletter
The Lou Perez Podcast
Lou was the Head Writer and Producer of the Webby Award-winning comedy channel We the Internet TV. During his tenure at WTI, Lou made the kind of comedy that gets you put on lists and your words in the Wall Street Journal. Check out his article “How I Became a ‘Far-Right Radical.”
In addition to producing sketch comedy like Comedy Is Murder with Free the People, stand-up, and opinion writing, Lou is on the advisory board of Heresy Press and host the live debate series The Wrong Take and The Lou Perez Podcast.
You may have seen Lou on Gutfeld! and Open to Debate.
Lou began doing improv and sketch comedy while an undergrad at New York University, where he was part of the comedy group the Wicked Wicked Hammerkatz.
For years, Lou performed at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater (both in NYC and L.A.) in sketch shows with the Hammerkatz and his comedy duo, Greg and Lou. G&L are probably best known for their sketch "Wolverine's Claws Suck," which has over 20 million views across online platforms.
Lou was a writer for Fox Sports' @TheBuzzer; produced The Attendants with the Above Average Network; produced pilots for FOX Digital and MSN Games; and was a comedy producer on TruTV's Impractical Jokers.
Lou hosted the stand-up show Uncle Lou's Safe Place in Los Angeles, performed at the Big Pine Comedy Festival, Bridgetown Comedy Festival, and co-created the political comedy podcast Unsafe Space.
Lou taught creative writing at the City College of New York, "writing the web series" for Writing Pad, and comedy writing workshops for the Moving Picture Institute.
Lou needed a way to get all the people he's always wanted to talk to to talk to him. So, he made a podcast. The Lou Perez Podcast. Join Lou on his journey through politics and culture.
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